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JTECH Medical Commander Echo - Manual Muscle Testing Dynamometer

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  • JTECH Medical Commander Echo - Manual Muscle Testing Dynamometer
  • JTECH Medical Commander Echo - Manual Muscle Testing Dynamometer


Discover unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in manual muscle testing with the JTECH MEDICAL COMMANDER ECHO. This handheld dynamometer offers healthcare professionals a way to assess muscle strength, providing precise measurements and valuable insights for tailored treatment plans.

Powered by advanced technology, the JTECH COMMANDER ECHO offers seamless integration with existing medical systems, ensuring streamlined workflows and easy access to critical data. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it effortless to navigate, saving time and increasing productivity in clinical settings.

With customizable features and real-time feedback, the JTECH COMMANDER ECHO enables personalized care for every patient. Its portable design and long-lasting battery ensure uninterrupted use, whether in the clinic or on the go. Bluetooth connectivity facilitates easy data transfer for comprehensive patient management.

Experience the future of manual muscle testing with the JTECH MEDICAL COMMANDER ECHO – your trusted partner for precision, efficiency, and superior patient care.

Key Features and Answers to Questions:

Commander Echo MMT System offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection. The Commander Echo Console works with the Wireless Hand Held Dynamometer to capture and store all the relevant data.

Compared with clinical muscle testing devices, the Echo Commander System is just as accurate for a fraction of the price. You’ll save customers and yourself money with this economical muscle testing device.

The Commander Echo MMT Starter kit provides you with the capabilities of a much more expensive system at much better price.

These powerful digital manual muscle testing tools enable users to:

  • Quickly and accurately measure muscle strength loses and/or improvements

  • Automatically and reliably collect and store data with Commander Echo Console

  • Capture and store up to 20 tests (4 repetitions / side)

  • Perform less expensive and equally reliable muscle tests with a more portable, easy to use hand held dynamometer

  • Measure up to 200 lbs of peak force in upper and lower extremities

Does the JTech Commander Echo Muscle Testing Device need to be connected to a computer to use?

  • No, the device works completely independently of a computer – all of the results are collected and stored on the Commander Echo Console. The only time a computer would be used is if they wanted accompanying software to download the results, but it’s not necessary.

Does the JTech Commander Echo Muscle Testing Device work with Bluetooth?

  • No, the device uses a proprietary radio frequency for communication between the device and console.

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