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Increase patient engagement and retention with objective, quantifiable data. Activforce 2 and companion app is an affordable advanced dynamometer and inclinometer in one that allows you to perform both strength and range of motion tests so that you can measure and track your patients' progress. Activforce 2 measures peak force, average force, range of force, range of motion, both AROM and PROM and compares right and left symmetry for both strength and range of motion measurements. It is portable, small, sleek, lightweight and easy to use. Activforce2 objective measurements provide clinicians the information to more effectively determine the proper course of client treatment that should result in improved client outcomes. Feedback from Activforce 2 users has been that patient engagement, motivation and compliance significantly increased when they see the real time measurements. Activforce 2 comes with a high-quality carrying case that includes a round pad, an arched foam pad attachment to better hold and test curved body parts such as wrists, and shins. A hand strap and leg strap to hold the device securely and a fixation belt to aid in performing pull measurements. The belt loop plates on the straps and fixation belt securely holds the device in place. With Activforce 2 you can view in-app data summary as well as view, download and print pdf summary reports from the Activforce 2 online dashboard. Activforce 2 measures up to 200 kg in strength with force accuracy within +/- 0.6 kg + 5% of the applied force It is bluetooth-enabled, so no internet connection is required. With Activforce 2 charging isn't necessary since it comes with an AAA battery that will last 6-12 months depending on usage. Activforce 2 is compatible with iOS 11.4 and Android 8 or higher versions.
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