Airex, Yoga ECO Block, 6" x 9", Natural Cork

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As peaceful and relaxing as a yoga session is, it can also be quite frustrating when movements and positions are difficult to reach or maintain. This Yoga ECO Block from Airex takes those frustrations away. Suitable to be used sitting, standing or as support for arms or legs, the Block helps yoga beginners as well as those more experienced achieve movements and positions without the risk of injury. The Yoga Block helps to challenge balance while it supports poses, boosting confidence and esteem as users master new poses and movements. Fantastic when used in combination with any of the Airex Yoga Mats (available separately). Versatile, the blocks bring awareness to properly engage and support muscles in a specific pose and can be placed at the low, medium and high positions to offer more or less support as needed. Used extensively in restorative yoga, the Yoga Blocks support range of motion, shortening the distance between the users and the floor. Made of Cork, the block is incredibly light and features integrated sanitized hygiene protection so odors are eliminated and the growth of fungus, bacteria and mildew is inhibited. The Yoga ECO Blocks are sized at 9" x 6" x 3" and are made of Natural Cork. As some asanas require a block under each hand, adding a Yoga Block enables these additional positions and movements while increasing the challenge of most exercises. Waterproof, so the block is terrific for hydrotherapy in the pool and tub. Conveniently sized so it's equally easy to store the block on a shelf as it is to toss in a sports bag and take it on the go. Not just for yoga, the blocks are an excellent general fitness accessory, adding challenges to traditional exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. Easy to clean needing only a soapy water mixture. Rinse off with clean water and allow to air dry before next use.
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