Soleo SonoStim Combination Therapy Device with 5 cm Ultrasound Head/Accessories

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Ever wondered how to treat with ultrasound at the correct depth - right where the problem is? Introducing the SoleoSonoStim with patented SonoSwing. With therapeutic ultrasound, the depth of penetration is dependent on the carrier frequency. Most ultrasounds on the market have two such frequencies - one for surface treatment, and one for depth. Lower frequencies  (0.8 to 1.5 MHz) are optimally effective at greater depths, while higher frequencies (2.4 to 3.0 MHz) act more on the surface. You can only select one or the other - with no variation in between. The SonoStim allows you to run both frequencies through the same sound head in the same treatment, and you can select the percentage for each frequency. You can "swing" through the treatment range from surface to depth to anywhere in between! That is SonoSwing. A coupling light gives you a visual to make sure you have appropriate contact. Now all you need is a green light, and you are ready to go. The Soleo SonoStim with SonoSwing - the ultimate in ultrasound therapy! Soleo SonoStim includes a high quality, multi-frequency ergonomic ultrasound applicator. It is equipped with a coupling light and adjustable audible signal to indicate appropriate contact for optimum treatment. A green light indicates correct contact. When coupling is not 100%, the screen will also indicate the percentage of transfer. Intuitive programming makes starting treatment quick and easy. A simple touch gives the user access to any type of stimulation. Each patient's treatment parameters can be unique. Using active windows, it is now possible to modify or adapt the parameters in a matter of seconds and store them on the SD memory card. Includes 5 cm soundhead.

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